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Brand Influence of Hotel Groups
in China's Lower-tier Market
Hotel Groups
in China
Hotel Groups
Analysis Report on Brand Influence of Hotel Groups in China's Lower-tier Market, www.gsdata.cn, August 2021
List of TOP 50 China Hotel Groups in 2020 issued by China Hospitality Association, July 2020
"HOTELS 225" for 2021 issued by HOTELS (a US-based magazine), July 2022
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SUNMEI Achievements
Data source:
As of Mar 31st 2024, there were 4,478 hotels and 214,425 rooms opened
As of Mar 31st 2024, the number of members reached 130 million, and the central channel and membership loyalty program together contributed over 60.19% of the customer base to the hotels
Ultimate Aesthetics &
Intelligent Variety
  • Leishen
  • Lippo Hotel
  • IVY Hotel
  • YouYang Hotel
  • YaYue Hotel
  • YaGao Hotel
  • LiuXiang Hotel
  • Lanou International
    Benchmark selected service high-end hotel
  • Lanou Hotel
    A medium and high-end art business hotel in emerging cities
  • Lanou Select Hotel
    Mid-end boutique hotel
  • Yunbo Hotel
    Brand new China-chic hotel brand
  • OLANY Hotel
    Modern light luxury mid-end brand hotel
  • Re:free Hotel
    Focus on the renewal of medium and high-end stock hotels
  • Prio Hotel
    A smart business IP hotel
  • JUN Select Hotel
    An economic hotel with multiplex styles
  • JUN Hotel
    An economic hotel with multiplex styles
  • AA chain hotel
    Internet chain hotel brand
  • MIDI Hotel
    An urban business hotel with personalized cultural insights
  • ChengKe Hotel
    Super economical chain hotel
  • Thank Hotel
    Leading hotel chains in the sinking market
  • THANK Hotel Plus
    THANK Hotel (Boutique Version)
  • UPINN Hotel
    A small and medium-sized business hotel
  • Feronia Hotel
    A homestay style boutique hotel
  • Lanli Hotel
    A small designer hotel
  • M Hotel
    A luxury boutique hotel mainly designed by well-known space masters
Strategic Cooperation
Domestic Top Resources & Multi-
dimensional Cooperation of Products
Shenzhen Transsion Holdings Limited
Set up a joint venture with Transsion Holdings to jointly develop the African hotel market in 2019.
Reached a strategic cooperation with XIAO GUAN TEA for exclusive channel supply in May 2020.
Costa Coffee
Entered into a strategic space partnership with Costa Coffee in July 2020.
Tencent Music
Entered into a strategic product partnership with Tencent Music in November 2020.
Entered a comprehensive membership cooperation with iQIYI in December 2020.
Reached a comprehensive strategic partnership with McDonald's in Greater China in January 2021.
Tencent E-sports
Reached a strategic product cooperation with Tencent E-sports in March 2021.
Entered into a global strategic partnership with Lefit in March 2021.
Developed a comprehensive strategic cooperation with Bilibili in April 2021.
Started comprehensive cooperation with SWAROVSKI in May 2021
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