What is New Interlocking?
“New Interlocking" is an iterative upgrade of the original hotel chain model of SUNMEI, and a brand-new joint
investment model of “joint investment and risk sharing", enabling the brand owner and investors to truly form
an alliance of joint advance and retreat.
Why choose“New Interlocking"?
  • Capital empowerment: SUNMEI, together with financial institutions, provides investors with multi-angle “financial support" through joint venture policies such as “Lianyingbao", to help investors relieve the financial pressure and realize joint advance and retreat and risk sharing.
  • Material assurance: SUNMEI, together with the whole-industry-chain supplier resources upstream and downstream the hotels and first-line famous brands at home and abroad, provides investors with material assurance through the “New Interlocking" mode, to achieve common development and win-win results.
  • Operation support: SUNMEI, together with the experienced professional hotel management teams, makes joint efforts in operation, management, marketing, membership and other aspects to help investors maximize their income in multiple dimensions and truly achieve joint operation and common profit.
“New Interlocking"
Successful cases
LANLI Hotel in Linyi, Shandong
Firm choice of SUNMEI - "New Interlocking" makes investment worry-free.
LANOU Hotel in Yantai, Shandong
Cross-bank precise investment - creating diversified and efficient operation
Calmly responding to business travel needs - creating new business opportunities for store revenue
SUNMEI releases two strategic plans of "New Interlocking and Light Brand"
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Thirty thousand hotels in ten years!SUNMEI Group releases the strategy of "New Interlocking and Light Brand"
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Ma Yingyao, the "King of Small Towns", and one billion young people in small towns Invisible Champion of Chain Hotel
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SUNMEI promotes the strategy of "New Interlocking and Light Brand"It plans to open 30,000 hotels in 10 years
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Rise of "New Interlocking” SUNMEI leads the new trend of investment
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"New Interlocking" enables the preparation and operation Create new business opportunities for store revenue
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Award-winning brands
Brand Authorized Partner (individual)
The following companies or individuals are hereby authorized as our partners for market development of
designated hotel brands of SUNMEI within their own authorized area.Welcome to join us! For details,
please contact WANG zhedong at +86 13692256806
Shandong Jiangsu Guizhou Xinjiang Anhui Jiangxi Hunan Hebei Shanxi Sichuan
Name of brand
Shandong Jinghe Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Shandong Junshang Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Xuzhou Shangyuan Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Suzhou Lvchen Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Guizhou Zuomo Hotel Management Co., Ltd. MA Jinhua LIU Xu Nanchang Shangge Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Shanghai Luoguan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Hebei Chenxi Hotel Management Co., Ltd. PEI Changli Chengdu Dashu Partner Brand Marketing & Planning Co., Ltd.
Location Weifang Linyi Xuzhou Suzhou Zunyi Urumchi Bengbu Nanchang Shanghai Cangzhou Taiyuan Chengdu